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How to be Sustainable

How to be Sustainable

Here at Great Lakes Reclaimed, we love to come up with new ideas on how to build quality furniture and a quality lifestyle, while keeping the environment in mind. With years of experience in building and interior décor, we thought we would share our ideas! 

What is Sustainable Living?

A sustainable lifestyle is living your life trying to have as little of an impact on Earth as possible. There are a number of easy choices you can make; like limiting the amount of energy you use, using eco-friendly products, and starting a compost.

How to live Sustainably 

1. Save Energy

By using less energy in your home and work space, you can help to reduce carbon emissions. There are many ways to save energy in your home and work, including switching off stand by appliances, turning your heat down, and hanging your clothes to dry.

2. Use Reusable Alternatives

Single-Use products, particularly plastic ones, usually end up in landfills and/or the ocean. This can have detrimental effects on the surrounding ecosystems and cause harm to the wildlife. You can prevent this by choosing to use eco-friendly and reusable products. This can be as simple as cutting out plastic water bottles and investing in a nice hydro flask bottle! Here is a great list of the best eco-friendly water bottles.

3. Recycle and Reuse

Make sure you're recycling correctly by putting your waste in the correct bins! Make sure to keep food and liquid out of your recycling and not put any loose, plastic bags in there. For more help, visit the Waste Management website.

4. Save Water

Saving water can save you money. You can save water in and around your home by making a few small changes. Try installing a water butt to make use of grey water to avoid wasting drinking water. Here is a great video on how to install one.

5. Donate Unused Items

If you no longer use a product or wear a piece of clothing, give it to a charity shop or someone you know would use it to reduce waste.

At Great Lakes Reclaimed, we are always on the hunt for old barn wood, vintage items and trinkets to salvage and make into our own piece of custom furniture or décor.