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Your Cottage To-Do List

Your Cottage To-Do List

As the longer brighter days of Spring are upon us, set aside some time to dream of a few projects you would like to get done this summer. Don't overwhelm yourself with a never-ending To-Do List, but instead decide on a couple big things that could make a dramatic change in the way you and the fam enjoy your cottage time. Here are a few considerations;

Flower boxes - Whether you want custom boxes fitted to your window sills or some standing boxes that can stand under a window, along a pathway, or strategically placed in your garden area, adding greenery and color are always my go-to choices for Spring. 


Freshen up your seating: Porch swings and Benches are a great way to increase your seating and create more space for relaxing and connecting. First, I cannot do without my benches no matter WHAT season we are in. In the winter they serve my hallway well for removing boots and snow pants. In the summer,  flip flops and sand are halted in the hallway so my floors stay a little cleaner. Outdoor, deck/patio, and fireplace benches work great to keep everyone outdoors a little longer by being a nice convenient landing place after dinner or chores. Increasing your seating choices outside just may increase your chances of keeping everyone out there enjoying the outdoors a little longer! 

Porch Swings are not just for Southerners! We enjoy them Up North too. There is something about that soft sway back and forth on a swing that is just not easy to replace with anything else. The little ones just love to be rocked in a porch swing after a long day of sun and water fun. We are making these to order so that they fit your exact space needs. Email or give us a call 719-322-3344 if you need a quote on any of our custom porch swings, flower boxes or benches.

Enjoy the beginning of SPRING!